Vanguard Edmonton’s Superior Cleaning Services

Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Edmonton delivers high-quality, consistent commercial cleaning services to its customers in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Leduc, Nisku, St. Albert and nearby locations.  We are highly motivated to provide superior customer service. We don’t need to depend on long-term contracts to maintain our customers.  Vanguard Cleaning Systems earn loyalty with performance – time and again. We provide performance you can see in the quality of our cleaning service, day-in and day-out.  The results are superior because so much time is invested in preparation.

We also have access to the latest equipment such as microfibre cloths and mops, and high filtration vacuums – all of which can help to remove a higher percentage of dirt and bacteria while also using fewer cleaning solutions. Minimizing the use of chemicals improves indoor air quality and is healthier for your employees, clients, colleagues and the environment.

Services Provided To Satisfy Your Cleaning Needs

Superior Customer Service

The key component to superior customer service is “RESPONSIBILITY”.   This is achieved by “listening” to our customers, comprehend, and work with them on what needs to be addressed.  We solve any issues quickly by taking into consideration customer feedback and by utilizing our extensive cleaning experience.  Finally, after the issue is resolved, we confirm with you that the concern has been addressed and see if additional support is needed.

Special Services

Vanguard  Cleaning Systems of Edmonton provides special cleaning services which include floor refinishing, carpet cleaning, power washing, window washing, periodic deep cleaning and pre-cleaning.  

  1. Hard surface finished floors will last longer and appear cleaner through a scheduled maintenance program. This program includes “Floor Stripping and Refinishing” and “Spray Buffing or High-Speed Burnishing”.
  2. Regular commercial carpet cleaning service extends carpet life and keeps it looking clean and professional. Vanguard janitorial franchisees can provide your facility with several commercial carpet cleaning options.  Advanced Cleaning Equipment Systems – Vanguard Cleaning Systems.  To keep carpets looking new, we use the extraction method which involves the use of hot water with a cleaning solution to extract any dirt particles.  We can also shampoo instead of performing hot water extraction in buildings where it is not possible to avoid walking on the carpets for 5-6 hours. This is done since shampooing allows for faster carpet drying than the extraction method.  Bonnet Cleaning is used in high-traffic areas, because this interim maintenance method gives commercial carpets a fresh appearance between more intensive cleanings.  

Finally, Dry Methods,  are used as well with carpets that are more prone to moisture damage or that have round-the-clock foot traffic.

Green Cleaning and Cleaning for Health

The Vanguard® brand stands at the forefront of green office cleaning services with state-of-the-art developments in equipment, chemicals and techniques a standard of practice. Vanguard Cleaning Systems is a member of several eco-friendly organizations, including the U.S. Green Building Council. Green cleaning is not only good for the environment, it’s also better for the health of your office.  What’s more, our advanced cleaning techniques can help protect your staff during cold and flu season.  Our healthy office cleaning methods and products can help you contain, capture and remove dust, bacteria, mould, pollen and other allergens from your office.

By choosing our advanced cleaning services you will improve the overall health of your organization since the techniques and equipment may improve the overall indoor air quality, minimize risk from exposure to residual cleaning chemicals and reduce cross contamination.  In addition, our green cleaning techniques minimized environmental impact because use we green-certified or environmentally-friendly chemicals reduce packaging waste, and minimize water usage and the introduction of harmful chemical components into the atmosphere. Finally, you should also consider the economic benefits if you or your organization has enacted recycling programs to reduce costs, consider how the Vanguard green cleaning program might help complement your efforts.

High-Tech Cleaning Equipment for Better Hygiene

We use the latest in high-tech cleaning equipment such as high filtration backpack vacuums that are designed with multiple levels of filters to significantly improve indoor air quality. This equipment is rated according to the size and amount of dust they capture, and by whether the vacuums will allow some dust to escape.

High filtration backpack vacuums provide more cleaning power than upright vacuums. They are also able to contain, captured and removed more dirt than conventional vacuum cleaners as captured dirt does not escape from the bag and leak back into your facility.  This results in better indoor air quality. Additionally, more maneuverability allows for efficient cleaning of hard to reach floor surfaces such as stairways.  Another handy feature is the attachments that enable us to reach into nooks and crannies and allow for high dusting applications such as cleaning ceiling vents.

Furthermore, our Microfibre Equipment removes more dirt and prevents cross-contamination, thus, for this reason, microfibre has become the standard for cleaning in healthcare environments, and use of microfibre is a core concept in Green Cleaning. Microfibre is effective due to the fact that a microfibre is an ultra fine fibre that is 100 times thinner than a human hair. These fibres are split 16 times to create small cavities that trap and hold dirt far more efficiently than traditional cleaning products.

Industry-Specific Cleaning Expertise

Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Edmonton handles unique office cleaning needs across different industries and business sectors. Vanguard® will work with you and your team to create a customized cleaning service schedule including special services so that your business receives a tailored cleaning program. Please visit our Cleaning Services page for a list of industries for which Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Edmonton delivers high-quality, consistent commercial cleaning services.

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